Eric Gdula eric at cany.nps.gov
Wed Dec 28 10:40:33 EST 1994

Problem:  I have a bunch of binary DLG data that I need to get into GRASS.  The v.in.dlg2 program (in the <main> section of the GRASS4.1 manual) says the program will do what I need done.  I was unable to compile the program (located in /home/grass4.1/src/mapdev/v.in.dlg2).  I was able to get a compiled version, I placed in the proper place (/home/grass4.1/etc/bin/main/cmd), ran the MAKELINKS.head and the program still will not run.  This version does the following:

Mapset <eric> in Location <cany> 
GRASS 4.1 > v.in.dlg2

FLAG: Set the following flag?
    Input is Binary DLG file (default is Ascii)?(y/n) [n] y

FLAG: Set the following flag?
    Give precedence to Line information (default is Area)?(y/n) [n] y

OPTION:   dlg input file
     key: input
required: YES
enter option > bear.dlg

You have chosen:
Is this correct? (y/n) [y] 

OPTION:   vector output file
     key: output
required: YES

Enter a new vector file name
Enter 'list' for a list of existing vector files
Hit RETURN to cancel request
> bear
sh: /home/grass4.1/etc/v.dlg.to.digit: not found
ERROR((null)):  Could not convert binary dlg file: '/optical_data/data/cany/eric/bdlg/bear.dlg' to binary digit file: '/optical_data/data/cany/eric/dig/bear'

Does anyone have any advice or possibly the /v.dlg.to.digit program? 

I am running GRASS4.1 on a SUN SPARC IPX, under SUN OS 4.1.3, and OpenWindows ver. 3.



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