Where is GEOM package?

Nancy Taaffe taaffe at diego.cecer.army.mil
Thu Dec 29 12:44:36 EST 1994

>>>The geom package should be back on incoming by tomorrow morning.
>Look for geom.tar.Z.

will this include bug fixes?

The geom package we've placed back on the moon has a June date, and
Roman's initial announcement came out last March - but he is not
available to comment on any changes until mid-January, and I don't
have any update notifications to go on.  His initial message asked
for comments to waupo at cs.uiuc.edu, or you could send them here to 
olga at ginko.cecer.army.mil (she's not currently available either,
however she will probably know about this).

Nancy Taaffe    USACERL

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