Ron Owens rono at lglab.imb.ntou.edu.tw
Fri Dec 30 13:19:01 EST 1994

Hi Anne,
One way to go around the problem is to digitize the center points of each
circle; convert these to a raster file; run r.buffer on the raster at high
resolution; reclass the map to 1 catagory; run r.poly on the reclass map to
get a vector map of irrigation circles.

Good luck,


>We are digitizing field boundaries from an aerial photography.  A centre pivot 
>irrigation system had been used on some fields and we need to digitize circles. 
>Any suggestions on how to digitize circles?  I did read in an earlier message 
>about v.circle.  Can somebody tell me where we could locate a copy of v.circle 
>and how to use it? 
>Anne M. Smith
>smitha at abrsle.agr.ca

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