1994 Conference Attendants (Reston, Virgina)

martijn at scanner.frw.uva.nl martijn at scanner.frw.uva.nl
Mon Jul 4 05:04:43 EDT 1994

On Fri, 1 Jul 1994, Pamela Cashman wrote:

> If there is enough of a demand, I will try to put the
> proceedings on the moon. They are being frmatted on a
> Mac, so it'll just have to be text.
> Pamela

Well, there is a lot of demand here from us poor Europeans who can't pay 
the trip to Reston and would still like to know all about it. Even if
proceedings are published, this often takes over a year, so putting them
on the moon - even as ASCII files - is much to be preferred. How about 
asking the keeper of the Grass WWW home page to make stuff like this 

P. Martijn van Leusen
Institute of Prehistory, University of Amsterdam   martijn at scanner.frw.uva.nl

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