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Mon Jul 4 14:25:25 EDT 1994

> Sort of related question - I've managed to compile 'ghostscript' so I can 
> look at the output from '' - I've tried to compile 'ghostview', but 
> it fails because it can't find the 'Xaw' directory, which contains some 
> '.h' files, e.g. Cardinal.h'
> It seems that these files are something to do with 'Athena' ?? - any idea 
> what this is ?  - is it like Motif ?
> More importantly, if it is PD, where can I get hold of the files 
> necessary to compile ghostview on a Sun IPX ?
> Thanks for any help,
the Xaw library contains some widgets required for the compilation.
You can retrieve them from many sites. I work on HP, and I ftp-ed them
from a dedicated server, but I think that you may find them around.

You can try through the 'archie' service:
1- telnet on one of the following (user: archie, no password):              Australia*      Austria*    Austria*     Canada      Finland     Israel        Japan*    Korea*	Korea*       Sweden*      Switzerland    Taiwan    United Kingdom         USA (NE)*     USA (NJ)         USA (NY)    USA (MD)

2- type the command 'find [string]', e.g. 'find Xaw'
3-  "   "     "    'mail [user at ....]'

You will receive a list of sites on which Xaw is available.

Good work!
					Andrea Giacomelli
					andreag at

					DIIAR Politecnico di Milano, Italia

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