HP700 + digitizinf table

jrc at .cecer.army.mil jrc at .cecer.army.mil
Tue Jul 5 04:17:32 EDT 1994

Dear GRASS users, this is the 3rd time I try posting the question; I
am not sure if no one is in this same situation or whether the
message was not posted at all.

we are using GRASS on an HP700 machine. It does run well. We then
tried connecting a digitizing tablet; after having read a number of
messages on "the horrors of digitizing street" I was afraid
something could go wrong. I was wrong, because everything went
wrong, I cannot even be sure wether the tablet is properly
Anyone with previous experience on similar situation ??
thanks in advance for the time and help,

Joao Ribeiro da Costa
Professor Joao Ribeiro da Costa | BITNET/Internet: jrc at fct.unl.pt
Universidade Nova de Lisboa	|            
FCT				| Fax:   (+351) (1) 295 7786 
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2825 Monte Caparica		|
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