Bob Courtney courtney at
Wed Jul 6 10:45:56 EDT 1994

> Hello,
> I need to convert CARIS NTX data layers to GRASS data layers and back again.
> I'm pretty sure this has been done before.  Any information that can get me
> started or point me to someone who has already done this would be greatly 
> appreciated.  Thanks!
> -Stephen Dzurenko
>  Ocean Mapping Division
>  Ocean Technology Center
>  Graduate School of Oceanography
>  University of Rhode Island

You have to convert the NTX files to DXF format using the "refodxf"
command in CARIS. Then the layers can be imported into GRASS with Line work is converted but some attributes are lost ( such
as line colour, weight, etc ) are lost.

Bob Courtney
Atlantic Geoscience Centre
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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