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David Wheatley dww at
Thu Jul 7 05:22:50 EDT 1994

On Wed, 6 Jul 1994, Nancy Taaffe wrote:

> Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Topquark was Andy Burnett's personal property
> and has gone with him to greener pastures.  We are endeavoring to
> secure his binary versions for use with Linux to place on the ftp
> site moon.  We WILL post to the list when this is done, and appreciate
> your interest and patience.
> Nancy Taaffe   Office of GRASS Integration   USACERL

As a temporary measure, I have put Andy Burnett's binaries of GRASS4.1
for Linux on our anonymous ftp server at Southampton (England).

ftp to and download all the files in the 
directory /pub/grass.

Note that this is only a poor little pc and so the number of users is 
restricted to 10. Note also that this is only a quickie fix while the 
GRASS people sort out something on moon.cecer ...

Of course if you're in the US, rather than the civilized world, this will be 
v   e   r   y       s   l   o   w      i    n    d    e    e    d.

David Wheatley 
Department of Archaeology,
University of Southampton,
Highfield, Southampton, S017 1BJ

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