Ken Sibley ksibley at ncg.scs.ag.gov
Thu Jul 7 09:42:46 EDT 1994

> Hi everyone,
> 	Does anybody know if xdigit can display a raster map as
> the background reference? I currently studied the code and find
> out that the code actually doing the raster display has been
> commented out by original programmer. If this observation is
> correct, does anyone know a quick fix of it? 
> 	The part of the code does the raster drawing is in
> make_backdrop.c file named display_backdrop(), if I remembered
> correctly.
> 	Thank you for any help.
> 	PK Lin
> 	E-mail: pklin at cerf.net
> 	Tel: (617) 942-1655
We have one or two people who have been using xdigit for about 8 months
now.  What we have seen is that the button for a raster backdrop used
to not even show up.  Now it shows up, but it does not perform any
function.  We have not looked at the code; what happens if you uncomment
the function and recompile :-)?

Ken Sibley
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