Trouble Installing on SGI (2)

Steve Dzurenko steve at ocesun1.oce.uri.EDU
Thu Jul 7 14:59:03 EDT 1994

Hello again,

	I very recently posted a letter on the list asking for 
help with installing of GRASS 4.1 on Silicon Graphics Indigo 2.  I
had two errors that prevented me from getting into the program.  
The one I was able to eleviate by setting the PATH, and the other
error came up but it still allowed me into the GRASS program.  I 
then tried to run the program after setting the LOCATION: spearfish
and MAPSET: PERMANENT but it came up with the following error:
	/usr/grass4.1/etc/ 3207 Memory fault - core dumped
	/usr/grass4.1/etc/ 3208 Memory fault - core dumped
/usr/grass4.1/etc/ LOCATION_NAME: parameter null or not set

If anyone has info that could be of assistance please help.  

Dan Reilly
University of Rhode Island
Ocean Engineering

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