Brian Culpepper brian at cast.uark.edu
Mon Jul 11 12:40:29 EDT 1994

> 	OK. I get a tiff image up on GRASS. Then what? What is the advantage
> of getting an image up on GRASS. Is there a method of interactively viewing
> the image. Can you querry a map. In short WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT?
> 	Will appreciate a quick responce

Well, I'm not sure what "type" of image you have imported, but r.in.tiff 
has been used to import aerial photography, scanned paper maps, digital
ortho-photos (converted from jpeg to tiff), etc.

Once in GRASS, these images can be georeferenced to a particular coordinate
system, then your GRASS "toolbox of GIS modules" are at your disposal...   

Hope this answers your question....

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