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Chris Rewerts rewerts at osiris.cso.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 11 18:21:59 EDT 1994

In info.grass.user you write:

>Dear Netters,

>A lot of people are asking about the status of tcltkgrass.  Initially, we
>thought we could have a release for mid-May.  Unfortunately, financing for the
>project was slightly delayed and we decided to redesign the software almost
>completely.  This is why we haven't been able to release any new version so
>far.  We've been working on this project for several months now and we believe
>our final beta version will be available in September 1994.

>This new version is entirely redesigned using object-oriented development
>technique and will have a lot of very cool new features such as: an enhanced
>bugfree superviewer, a WYSIWYG postscript output for the superviewer, a
>completely rebuilded GUI for every GRASS function, a visual interactive
>programming environment for GRASS, a new set of converters for vector, raster
>and databases, an imbedded RDBMS and georelational link capability and a
>simplification of the installation procedure.

>As promised, the UNIX version of tcltkgrass will be contributed to the public
>domain but the long awaited MSWindows version will be a commercial product.
>Presently, 8 sites have shown interest in acting as alpha and beta testers for
>the new version but we would like to extend that to approximately 20

>Anybody can have the opportunity to be one of the 20 alpha test sites, provided
>that their organisation is active in either development, applications or
>education of GRASS and is using either a PC with MS-Windows or a SUN
>SparcStation running SUN OS 4.0.x or a DEC DecStation running Ultrix 4.x.  The
>alpha version will be available at the end of July.

>Of course, the sites using PC's will be provided with a free alpha and beta

>For those interested, please contact Valerie DesRoches:
>vader at copernic.lasinc.qc.ca

>L.A.S. inc.

>Gilles Clement, president

>p.s.: list of organisations interested in acting as alpha and beta testers:

>Organisation	Scientific authority	E-mail
>PNFI (Forestry Canada)	Tom Moore	tmoore at pnfi.forestry.ca
>DREV (National Defense)	Dominic Roy	droy at jupiter.drev.dnd.ca
>CAST (Un. of Arkansas)	Jim Farley	jim at cast.uark.edu
>USACERL (US Army)	Kurt Buehler	kurt at zorro.cecer.army.mil
>HQ (Qubec Hydro)	Guy Moisan	moisang at envir.hydro.qc.ca
>and a few private companies we can't name... :-)

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