linux grass binaries available for ftp from

James Ganong jeg at
Mon Jul 11 19:47:46 EDT 1994

I put some GRASS for Linux binaries in my anonymous ftp site:

I wrote a README file that tells how to install these binaries.

Here is the README:

Here is a binary version of GRASS for Linux.

These files were copied from somewhere off the net.  I think that they
were copied from the original distribution from
(Andy Burnett), but I am not sure.  They seem to work just fine.

There is also a file called GRASS_linux_patch_list in this 
directory which might be helpful to somebody recompiling,
but I don't know if the changes there made it into these binaries or

The distibution is broken up into 10 files, each small enough
to fit onto a floppy, but if you are connected to the network
it is faster to ftp them directly to your harddisk.

Good luck! And let me know how it goes!  Epecially write me if you get
updates 3 and 4 compiled under linux.  I plan to update this version
and post binaries and source patches in the near future.

James Ganong
jeg at

Here is what i did to install these binaries on a Linux system
running Slackware-1.2.0.

mkdir /grass4.1
cat linuxa* |  ( cd /grass4.1 ; gzip -d -c | tar -xvf - )

# create /usr/local/bin/grass4.1, or whatevery you want to call it,
# in a directory that is in your $PATH
cat > /usr/local/bin/grass4.1 << heredoc
export GISBASE
exec $GISBASE/etc/

# make it executable
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/grass4.1

# fix perms on fifo's for graphics
chmod 0666 /grass4.1/dev/fifo*

# allow creation of lock files by anybody
chmod -R 777 /grass4.1/locks

# edit /grass4.1/etc/monitorcap to globally replace /tmp/linux with /grass4.1
ed /grass4.1/etc/monitorcap << heredoc

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