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Wed Jul 13 14:43:42 EDT 1994

Steve Culshaw writes:
> (i) I seem to be getting conflicting information concerning the ability 
> of GRASS to produce A3 Postscript - can anyone confirm that they have 
> produced full A3 sized maps from GRASS ?
Yes, I did and it prints on Calcomp Colormaster as well as on HP Paintjet XL
using Ghostscript 2.6.1. (Full A3 means, maybe 2 cm boundary around)

> (ii) I have finally found the switch in ghostscript which sets the size 
> of paper (surprise, surprise -sPAPERSIZE=a3 !). Now when I view my test 
> A3 output, the X11 image suggests that the output is sized for an A3 
> piece of paper - tried an A4 output and it only filled part of the page. 
> This suggests that the answer to (i) above is 'yes it can'
You can use GhostView (a user friendly front end to gs to see the whole page 
(zoom and pan)

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