compiled r.tiff?

Jane Rossing rossing at
Thu Jul 14 14:45:18 EDT 1994

I would like to import some scanned images into GRASS, and have
understood from past messages on the list that the way to do this
is with the r.tiff commands.  Unfortunately, I have no experience
compiling programs, and had hoped to get them already compiled.
(I got GRASS in the compiled version from the moon, and just ftp'ed
and unpacked the updates, hoping that maybe r.tiff would be there -
but the "contrib" code, as before, is not included).  So my questions
1. Is is feasible to get one compiled command like that?  How many
places does such a command reside in?  I know there is the front.end
, plus the bin, plus (?)

2. If it is feasible, would some kind soul be willing to send it
to me?  Or any suggestions?  Thanks a million.

Jane Rossing
jr20 at

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