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Thu Jul 14 16:13:29 EDT 1994

To xgrass users,

At the risk of posing a FAQ (apologies in advance), I wonder if anyone has seen (and hopefully solved) a problem with the subject feature.  Under standard installation on a SUN Sparc2, I can bring up the xgrass4.1 startup window and see my grass directory of interest listed in the DATABASE field.  Problem is that, although several 'locations' along with their functional mapsets do reside in this database directory, they do not show up in the LOCATION and MAPSET fields of the dialog box.  In fact, nothing gets listed in these fields, and if I try to enter the names manually with 'Add items...', the whole program crashes with a "Database does not exit" message.  

I can, however, access and use these same locations/mapsets without a hitch using conventional grass4.1 (no XWindows).

Any insights?


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