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	... much original material deleted
>%%%make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all'
>The mapgen src code was written, as I understand, to compile using the
>gcc compiler.  We "SCS" used the gcc compiler and the compile ran smoothly.
>>From what I can tell from your error message, the compiled library files
>can not be read correctly.  This is probably related to the compiler you are
>using and the fact that some include file can not be interpreted correctly.
>The gcc compiler is available on an ftp site.  I do not know the address.
>I recommend that you get gcc before going on.

The original mapgen (as well as the one distributed on charon)  was (is)
VERY MUCH K&R and should be capable of being compiled on the ancient
Sun compiler.

I did not comment on the original message because the problems
may lay with non-mapgen related idiosyncrosies, notably, foreign "make"
systems.  It's best I stay out of it.

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