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Fri Jul 15 08:32:28 EDT 1994

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>Subject: mapgen bins for linux
>Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 08:00:00 EST
>Hi.  A while ago you mentioned the possibility of producing binaries of MAPGEN 
>for Linux (if you got your Linux going) and posting them to your ftp site.  Is 
>this still planned?  Thanks for you time.

I am not sure if this is directed toward one of my messages regarding a
comment about such an effort, but this is the results:

Attempts to use the boot disc of one of the more popular Linux CD-ROM
distributers was a failure.  The apparent cause was the confusion created
with both a UltraStore hard disc and Adaptex SCSI bios' messing with
high-memory.  There was apparently no solution short of getting some
Linux guru to compile a special version of the boot disc.

Thus the attempt to install Linux was scrubbed and the copy sold (at
discount).  Also scrubbed was any attempt on my part to port MAPGEN/PROJ.4
to Linux although I am sure others have done it.

I might add, it took a week and half a dozen phone calls to install DOS
6.21 on the SCSI drive.  Again, the same problem with the same two
cards and their monkeying with high memory.

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