mapgen bins for linux

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Fri Jul 15 20:41:12 EDT 1994

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>Subject: Re:  mapgen bins for linux
>Date: 15 Jul 94 12:32:14 GMT

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>>From: fjr1 at (Frankie J. Ramos)
>>Subject: mapgen bins for linux
>>Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 08:00:00 EST
>>Hi.  A while ago you mentioned the possibility of producing binaries of MAPGEN 
>>for Linux (if you got your Linux going) and posting them to your ftp site.  Is 
>>this still planned?  Thanks for you time.

>I am not sure if this is directed toward one of my messages regarding a
>comment about such an effort, but this is the results:

Sorry about the post people, I intended to send it to Mr. Evenden but instead 
went to the list.  

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