Xin Zhuang zhuang at access.digex.net
Mon Jul 18 13:40:32 EDT 1994

I just loaded it into system. It seemed compiling fine
except a few warningswhen I tried to run it, I got
        ./xgrasteredit: Segmentation violation -- Core dumped
Oh, I had to compile the segment subdir separately. Somehow it didn't
get compiled automatically.

I'm checking with Gmakefile. I wonder whether it has something to do
with these lines in Gmakefile


        EXTRA_LDFLAGS = -static



        YYY = segment/libsegment.a -ll $(XEXTRALIBS) -lm

        LIBS = $(BOGUS) $(XGDLIB) $(XGILIB) $(XXX) $(BOGUS) $(YYY)

If I recall, LIBS has to be in a certain order. BOGUS has been doubled,
which I don't know why.

I would appreciate any help and hint.


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