EPS --> ps: possible?

Ronald Thomas ront at picea.CNR.ColoState.EDU
Tue Jul 26 11:55:13 EDT 1994


Has anyone yet found a workable solution to get the EPS format of
into any graphics package for editing, either by choosing a specific package 
or a converter utility?  
We would love to use in order to define a region and then
have a raster/vector output of geo-referenced graphics: the technique of
r.out.tiff for raster overlaid with MAPGEN plot files (using CorelDraw as the
"mixer" software) is workable, but less than ideal.  I checked the
archives; I guess I'm hoping that someone has developed a solution that 
I can't find.


(Specifics: we use a HP650C plotter without the postscript option, use
CorelDraw to annotate, etc., prior to plotting.  Have retrieved the DOS
version of Ghostview in order to test its "ps2epsi" feature, it's the
opposite of what we want.))

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