F77 on linux

Andy Burnett burnett at diego.cecer.army.mil
Thu Jul 28 09:54:57 EDT 1994

In info.grass.user you write:
>Is there anything like fortran77 for linux. I have linux with C but I
>need fortran77 on my linux platform badly. If there exist any such
>program for linux, I will be very happy to receive more info on it.
>thanks in advance.

  THere is no fortan compiler for linux that I know of, however, there is
a 'f77' which takes fortan code and converts it to C then compiles it.  I
used it to compile a lot of the fortran code in the 'contrib' and 'related'
grass source directories.  I believe that I found it on sunsite.unc.edu in
/pub/Linux/... directories ... somewhere in there.  There should be an
index file in there ... just search for f77.


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