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Fri Jul 29 13:31:59 EDT 1994

Dear Malcolm,
	I see another reply to struggling GRASS neophytes concerning
originating from you and thought I would send a note. We (myself and Shrinivas
a grad assistant) continue to struggle with a project involving use of air
photos to generate raster map layers. We then hope to rectify and scale
the maps in order to make measurements of coastal recession. Anyway, we
need to generate high visual resolution raster map images and determine
our pixel resolution to determine accuracy limits for d.measure when
comparing air photo maps from two different dates. We have not been able
to import images using r.i.tiff at all and can get only poorly resolved
images using a transformation of tiff files to sunraster files in "xv"
software then into GRASS using 
	We have arranged to visit a fellow in the State of Michigan Soil
conservation survey to have him evaluate our procedures and use his utility via remote login. Depending on the successs of this
meeting may we ask you to look over our shoulder in all of this? I will
call you on the phone if you are willing to discuss this stuff. Thanks for
all your help so far.
			Dave Barnes.
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