r.le.setup Version 2.1 OK under Solaris 2.x ??

Sat Jul 30 23:45:22 EDT 1994

If anyone who is running GRASS under Solaris 2.x has had a chance, or
could take the time to download, compile, and try to run r.le.setup
version 2.1 (in file rlesetup21beta.tar.Z on the moon), I would greatly
appreciate it.  This is the last potential bug I need to make sure is
fixed before finishing version 2.1 of the r.le programs, and I do not
have access to Solaris 2.x

Specifically, I need to know whether r.le.setup will correctly read
the user answers to questions asked after clicking on SAMPLING UNITS
at the main r.le.setup menu.  .  Also, after clicking on GROUP/CLASS
LIMITS at the main r.le.setup menu, then entering an x in the "Size
Classes" field, will r.le.setup correctly read your input (try typing
just like the example--0, 0.1, 10, 100 ..., -999.), -999)  ?  You can tell if it
correctly read your input if it prints it back on the screen correctly
(e.g., Input[1] = 100.000), and if when you click on EXIT-SAVE at the
main menu, it correctly makes the file r.le.para/size.  That file
will have the contents 0.00 0.10 10.00 100.00 -999 - lower limits
if it is correct.

If anyone has a little time to try this under Solaris 2.x I would be
very grateful.  Please correspond directly with me.

	Bill Baker
	bakerwl at uwyo.edu

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