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> How about hanging a little introductory screen on these programs, giving a
> friendly reminder to give credit where credit is due? Tim is correct; it is
> all too easy to simply think of these programs as part of GRASS overall. I
> wouldn't mind a little prompting each time a program started, myself. Is this
> doable?
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> Malcolm D. Williamson - GIS Specialist           E-mail: malcolm at cast.uark.ed
> Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies      Telephone: (501) 575-6159
> Ozark Rm. 12                                        Fax: (501) 575-5218
> University of Arkansas
> Fayetteville, AR 72701
Having followed this thread so far, I would like to express support for
Malcolm's proposal. Obviously one cannot expect the end user to spend time
and effort to find out where each tool originated and which publication to
refer to, unless such information is made readily available. The only problem
would be how to keep this info up to date - include it in the update
packages? Provide a file on moon with a list of references?

Martijn van Leusen

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