d.mon problem

Grass GIS gograss at trentu.ca
Mon Jan 16 14:33:38 EST 1995

Dear Grass Users:

I've run in to a bit of a snag in running grass4.0 d.mon commands at our
site, and am looking for any suggestions as to how to rectify the

When i try to start a graphics monitor ie. d.mon start=x1 i receive an
error message that the system can't find the fifo.a1 and that i should
check the etc/monitorcap file.

The monitorcap file exist and the first entry in it specifies
grass4.0/dev/fifo.a1 as a device driver (this seems ok)

However when i search the directory /grass4.0/dev there are no files
present. Our system administrator believes someone has accidentally
deleted some files from here and this is the cause of the problem.


1. Is this correct must i have a fifo.1a file in my grass4.0/dev

2. If unable to retrive one from backups made of grass directorieswhere
can i get this file ?

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

Thank You.

Alan J. Frank

Env. Studies/Geography
Trent University, Peterborough Ontario.

goajf at blaze.trentu.ca

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