GRASS-LINUX on CD-ROM - 2nd announcement

Andreas Holz Andreas.Holz at
Fri Jan 13 04:12:56 EST 1995

Hello GRASS users,

        I would like to announce my wish to redistribute my GRASS/XGRASS
        port to Linux on a CD-ROM again, because I got a huge error message
        on deliverance problems to the grassu-list partipicients.

        Meanwhile I got an answer from CERL, that I'm allowed to redistribute
        GRASS on CD-ROM at manufacturing costs.

        Contents of the CD:

                - the complete source tree including the object-files
                   and libraries        

                                src             compiled completely
                                src.alpha       compiled completely
                            compiled almost completely
                                src.related     compiled completely

                - XGRASS statically linked

                - the datasets SPEARFISH and IMAGERY

                - the used LINUX kernels, libraries and gcc

                  I used        gcc 2.6.3
                                libc 4.6.27
                                XFREE 2.1.1 (yes, not XFREE 3.x, because I dont
                                want to have installed both!)

                                MOTIF 1.2.2, but I'm waiting for MOTIF 1.1 to
                                recompile XGRASS to run properly.

                - additional GRASS tools, not included in the original source

        It is possible to add the binaries for:

                - SunOS 4.1.3/4.1.4 including XGRASS
                - SGI including XGRASS and SG3D

                (I have to know that soon, because I have
                 to recompile Grass on the SGI due to an OS
                 upgrade installed)

        The premastering of the CD-ROM is scheduled for 30.01.95.

        The cost will be ~ $100 (depending on the number of copies).

        Who is interested in this CD-ROM. Please, please respond
        directly to me (holzandr at or
        holz at

        If You have some contribitions, wich should be added to the
        CD-ROM, please mail! it to me, because I have no external
        FTP-access from this site. If it is to large to mail, we
        have to use another account, please contact me!.

Greeting form Germany   

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