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Bernd Hebel writes:
> Since I didn't get any answers at all the last time I dare posing my
> question - although a FAQ - one more time:
> What I would like to do is to download GRASS4.1 from the moon-server
> to use it with a HP 9000/715 workstation.
> I tried to find the location of the GRASS4.1 source files but couldn't
> find it: I used FTP with as address, ANONYMOUS
> as login and my internet-address as password but didn't succeed. So
> this must well be a wrong way to do it.
> Could please someone tell me how to get the files correctly and how to
> install GRASS4.1 on my HP station.

the correct sequence is:
this logs you onto the grass ftp site. The source code itself would be
somewhere down the tree:
        cd grass
        get ls-lR.Z
The file ls-lR.Z contains an up-to-date directory listing of the site. I
find it handy to keep this file around. Good luck!

Martijn van Leusen

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