CROPSITE GIS Data Format Inquiry

Coleman Catherine yc5763 at
Tue Jan 10 09:34:38 EST 1995

>Greetings from Idaho !!!
>One of our field offices is trying to get some field boundary and soils
>information to a land owner.  They have it on their GRASS GIS system.
>The land owner has software called "CROPSITE" whcih can import data in
>"AGLINK", "SURFER", "MAPSITE", or "ASCII" format.  I'm not familiar with
>the first three formats, and I don't know what sort of ASCII format file
>the fourth is.
>Please share any information you may have on exporting data to this software.
>Thanks in advance.
>David Hoover
>Manager, CGIS Section
>Idaho State Office
>a16dhoover at


I used SURFER years ago to show topology of some small areas.  Back then the
file format was a based on a simple x,y,z coordinate system where x=latitude,
y=longitude and z=altitude or some value such as height or amount.  These
coordinates were referenced on a general x,y,z=0,0,0 grid.  When I was using
this system, I imported it into SURFER from an ASCII text file in columns of x.
y, and z.

It was all very simple if you had everything as point coordinates.

I have never done this, but you could use v.out.ascii, r.out.ascii or
s.out.ascii.  You can
view the manual reference for these commands using g.manual {grass command}.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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