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Kim Dralle kdr at
Thu Jan 5 14:33:53 EST 1995

In info.grass.user you write:

>Hello all
>I started using Grass a couple of weeks ago, under Linux. I'd like to
>put some questions about contributed code:
> - Has anyone programmed or adapted for Grass some kind of stereo-
>   matching algorithms (aerial-photos or SPOT image)? If so can that
>   code be accessed and used?
> - Is there any code to make a Delaunay triangulation from a site-list
>   file?
>Thanks in advance.
>Jose' Goncalves
>         '
>UTAD - Vila Real - Portugal

Hi Jose'
If you get any positive answers, will you be kind and forward them to me? I am 
possibly goin to work on the same topic from June this year.

Kim Dralle

                Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute,
                        Dep. of Silviculture.
        The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark.
                        Dep. of Math. & Phys.
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