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Happy year etc. I think this is actually a Rastergraphics
plotter which altek 3rd parties. If so its a great good
thing as long as you get the onboard postscript and enough
local disk to accomodate files that are spooled to it.

Have a great 95 and stay out of trouble.
> Betty Alex of National Park Service at Big Bend National Park,
> Texas asked if we would post a message on the GRASS users list for her.
> Betty is interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with an
> Altec Datajet Plotter and GRASS. She is looking at plotter alternatives
> and Altec is currently offering an attractive deal.
> Post any comments to me and I will forward them to Betty.
> Thanks
> Scott W Walker
> US Army Corps of Engineers
> PO Box 17300
> Fort Worth TX 76102-0300
> scott at

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