I can't get new programmes to run

National Centre 100074.213 at compuserve.com
Tue Jan 3 06:56:37 EST 1995

        Hope this doesn't sound too daft! I've just started using grass4.1 agai
after an 18 month break - I've got it newly compiled on a SunSparc 10. The
source code and alpha source code is running fine - but I can't get any of the
contributed code to work, either in the 4.1 release or from the incoming site o
the moon.
        The code is there with all it's directories - I go into the program roo
directory type gmake4.1 - it compiles the program, creating the OBJ directory.
Then I go back up to the directory holding the new command, type (for example)

> v.circle <enter>

and get the response

v.circle: permission denied.

everything is read-writable - I've made sure of that, does anybody know whats
gone wrong?


Al Duncan.

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