PCI/90 -> FastSCSI (Linux)

hoffmann at urzdfn.kartographie.tu-dresden.d400.de hoffmann at urzdfn.kartographie.tu-dresden.d400.de
Thu Jan 5 17:05:26 EST 1995

We just installed brand-new PCI/90 with FastSCSI using
host adapter from ADAPTEC model AHA-2940...
The problem we have is for LINUX installation. Which one version or
patch supports this very new configuration of PCI/FastSCSI ???
The lx-version we have in use is 1.1.18 but it doesn't support it.
1) which version gives support ?
2) where to get from by ftp?

Thanks for any hints... (I've looked for under ftp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
already without success, it has AHA-274x only and our device
is => AHA-2940 !).

Frank Hoffmann
(via geos).

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