Jane Rossing rossing at
Fri Jan 13 17:04:28 EST 1995

A few months ago I posted a question about TOPMODEL on GRASS, specifically
Dr. Chairat's thesis which was just posted on the list.  I found that Dr.
Chairat had returned to Tunisia, is no longer working on this question, and
did not have a copy of the program to send me.  She did send me the name of
another grad student of Dr. Delleur, however, who sent me the program written
when she was there.  I believe it would probably be most appropriate to contact
Dr. Delleur to ask about further distribution of this program -- seems that it
would be of interest to many people, but that no distribution (from the moon,
for example) was planned.  As Darrell McCauley noted, his email address is
delleur at

I will also forward this note to him.

Jane Rossing
jr20 at

A further note:  the program r.watershed calculates the upslope drainage area, in
many ways similar to r.watershed.  The difference in the Chairat/Delleur program
is that water is allowed to follow multiple flow pathways.

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