d.mon problem

Ken Sibley ksibley at ncg.nrcs.usda.gov
Tue Jan 17 11:51:21 EST 1995

> Dear Grass Users:
> I've run in to a bit of a snag in running grass4.0 d.mon commands at our
> site, and am looking for any suggestions as to how to rectify the
> problem.
> When i try to start a graphics monitor ie. d.mon start=x1 i receive an
> error message that the system can't find the fifo.a1 and that i should
> check the etc/monitorcap file.
> The monitorcap file exist and the first entry in it specifies
> grass4.0/dev/fifo.a1 as a device driver (this seems ok)
> However when i search the directory /grass4.0/dev there are no files
> present. Our system administrator believes someone has accidentally
> deleted some files from here and this is the cause of the problem.
> Questions:
> 1. Is this correct must i have a fifo.1a file in my grass4.0/dev
> directory?

Yes, you must have the fifo.1a and fifo.1b files in the directory
listed in the monitorcap.  The are pipes not just normal files.

> 2. If unable to retrive one from backups made of grass directorieswhere
> can i get this file ?

If you use cpio for tape backups then do not retrieve them from the
backup.  They will not work.
> Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated greatly.
> goajf at blaze.trentu.ca

cd grass4.0/dev
as the owner of software or as root:
mknod fifo.1a p
mknod fifo.1b p
chmod 666 fifo.1?

repeat mknod/chmod process for as many monitors as you want to use
that are listed in the monitorcap file (grass4.0/etc/monitorcap).

Ken Sibley
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