Raster to Vector Conversion

Mat L. Gilson mlg at sscgis.or.gov
Mon Jan 16 20:46:22 EST 1995

scott> I've just downloaded the Linux Binaries for GRASS hoping to find a 
scott> utility which can convert a raster image to a dxf file.  I have 20
scott> source files which are 5100x3300 bitmaps in targa format.  The
scott> bitmaps are scans of floor plans which I need to convert to dxf for
scott> import into AutoCAD.  Is this something GRASS can do?  If so, are 
scott> there pitfalls?  Is the output quality high?

scott> Thanks,
scott> Scott  
scott> email: srouten at antimony.service.indiana.edu


Some state agencies in Oregon are using a Linux port of the raster-to-
vector program LTPlus.  I personally haven't used the Linux version,
but I have experience with the Forest Service' SCO version.  I know 
LTPlus can export dxf's, and I am fairly certain it imports
targa's.  It is necessary to do some manual editing of the raster
before vectorizing, such as tight-angle intersections where the raster
lines globbed together.  The process it reasonably quick overall, and
I hear that the Linux port generally runs faster than the SCO version.
I found the output line accuracy to be good, but you do sometimes
see raster artifacts.  Those can usually be erradicated with touch-up
editing and vertex thinning.

The company with the Linux port is Flat Earth System in Portland, OR.
They can be reached at (503) 257-9042 or by e-mail at danh at teleport.com.

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