connecting sites with lines

Grass package grass at
Wed Jan 18 05:12:00 EST 1995

> Does anyone know how to make grass connect sequential sites with lines?
>  (ie. connect the dots).
> Thanks in advance,
> Rhett
This should be very easy. The site list will be formatted thus:
x|y|#z (or y|x|#z, I forget which)
The vector file should be formatted:
L 3
x y
x y
x y
So if you write a script that takes x and y from the site list, places
them in a new vector formatted file, counts the number of lines, and 
puts L # at the top, you're halfway there. You will need a header,
which is best created by v.out.ascii'ing some vector map and scavenging
its header, and you will need to reconvert the result to binary vector
format using I do hope you know how to write Unix shell

Martijn van Leusen

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