problem w/v.digit on solaris 2.3

Pamela Phillips pamela at
Wed Jan 18 20:30:48 EST 1995


We are having difficulties installing a GTCO L-series digitizer with grass4.1
running solaris 2.3.	

I would greatly appreciate knowing if anyone has successfully installed a
any digitizer with solaris 2.3.  The guidelines do not hold true for installing
with solaris as they do fo SUN OS 4.13 and HP.  The file structure is quite
different.  As many of you know. 

The cable and dip switches seem to be correct.  I suspect it is in setting the
serial port correctly.  But the files are quite different and any of the
information in the README files for setting up a digitizer do not apply to
solaris 2.3.

If anyone has worked this out we would appreciate learning from your trial ana

Pamela Phillips

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