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>I'm just starting a Phd-Thesis, the aim is to develop
>hydrologic models in GRASS, specially runoff models.
>So, i'd like to know what kind of models 
>ave been implemented on GRASS.
>Thank you very much.
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"r.water.fea" is a finite element analysis program for hydrologic
simulation. It was
developed by Dr. Baxter Vieux and Nalneesh Gaur at the University of Oklahoma.
The code and readme files (r.water.tar.Z and r.water.READEM) may be obtained
 from the moon anonymous ftp site ( Associated reference:
Vieux, B.E., Bralts, V.F., Segerlind, L.J., Wallace, R.B., (1990), "Finite
Watershed Modeling: One-Dimensional Elements", J. of Water  Resources
Planning and Management,  Vol. 116, No. 6, p. 803-819.

A finite difference hydrologic simulation program  (r.flow ??) is being
by Dr. Bahram Saghafian at USACERL, Champaign, Illinois. I believe he is
currently on leave, but that he plans to return to CERL. Reference: Doe, W.
W. and
Bahram Saghafian, (1993), "Spatial and Temporal Effects of Army Maneuvers
on Watershed Response: The Integration of GRASS and a Two-dimensional
Hydrologic Model", Proceedings of the Seventh Annual GRASS Users
Conference, Lakewood, CO, March 16-19, 1992, U.S. Dept. of the Interior,
National Park Service, Technical Report NPS/NRGISD/NRTR-93/13, p. 91-105.
(CASC2D is the model integrated.)

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