GRASS and simulation models

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Thu Jan 19 17:19:44 EST 1995

>AGNPS    - ??

An AGNPS/GRASS interface was developed by B.A. Engel and 
R. Srinivasan of the Dept. of Agricultural Engineering at
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. I do not know
if the code is available (sorry). I  have two "old" references

Srinivasan, R. and B.A. Engel, (1991), "A Knowledge Based Approach
to Extract Input Data From Gis," ASAE Paper No. 91-7045, American
Society of Agriculatural Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan.

Srinivasan, R. and B.A. Engel, (1991), "GIS: A Tool For Visualization
and Analyzation," ASAE Paper No. 91-7574, ASAE, St. Joseph, Michigan.


A recent grassu-list posting sited delleur at as a
potential contact for TOPMODEL/GRASS work at Purdue University.

I believe that some TOPMODEL/GRASS work was also
conducted at Ohio State University under the direction
of Dale White. 


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