problem w/v.digit on solaris 2.3

poolerh poolerh at
Fri Jan 20 07:09:10 EST 1995

> Hello,
> We are having difficulties installing a GTCO L-series digitizer with grass4.1
> running solaris 2.3.	
> I would greatly appreciate knowing if anyone has successfully installed a
> any digitizer with solaris 2.3.  The guidelines do not hold true for installing

Sorry if this is a bit 'me-too-ish' but I would second this request.
Since being upgraded (or should that be downgraded?!) to solaris 2.3
our Calcomp Drawingboard II digitizer refuses to talk to our sun.

Having stuck a terminal between digi' & 'puter v.digit does not seem
to be sending the correct initialisation string from the file in
etc/digitizers as specified in the digicap file.

> with solaris as they do fo SUN OS 4.13 and HP.  The file structure is quite
> different.  As many of you know. 
> The cable and dip switches seem to be correct.  I suspect it is in setting the
> serial port correctly.  But the files are quite different and any of the
> information in the README files for setting up a digitizer do not apply to
> solaris 2.3.
> If anyone has worked this out we would appreciate learning from your trial ana
> errors.
> Pamela Phillips
> .
Bye, Rob Poole.

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