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Mon Jan 23 18:01:21 EST 1995

> > Bill Baker writes:
> > 
> > >There is a request in one of the README files that if the code is used
> > >that a published article we wrote about the programs be cited. 
> > 
> > >Short of scientific etiquette,....
> Helena Mitasova writes:
> > Bill, you are not the only one and we share your concern. 
> > Because GRASS is still a public domain software,....
Tim Martin writes:
> The situation is yet more difficult, I think, because few users 
> are aware of the distinctions between which GRASS routines are
> from the original GRASS group, and which are "add-ons", deserving
> additional mention by citation or reference.  Lab administrators
> will have read the README documents that come with the various
> extra pieces, during the install process, but unless the lab
> administrators inform the researchers using the products, it is
> unlikely a user will know that, for instance, should
> be referenced separately.  In fact it is unlikely the administrator
> (not being a publishing academic, with an academic's acute awareness
> of the importance of citations to the annual review process) will
> even notice such a detail in the documentation, while focusing on
> installation procedures and software functionality.
> It's a poser, all right!  As a lab administrator/coordinator, I
> will try to remember to add these details to the list of many 
> things I inform the users about.  That, and not to press the reset
> button on the RS/6000 when the screen seems not to be responding.

How about hanging a little introductory screen on these programs, giving a
friendly reminder to give credit where credit is due? Tim is correct; it is
all too easy to simply think of these programs as part of GRASS overall. I
wouldn't mind a little prompting each time a program started, myself. Is this
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