g.gnuplot, gnuplot and grass scripts

Bart Cosyn bcosyn at crs4.it
Tue Jan 24 09:17:26 EST 1995

Hi James,

thanks for the suggestion. I got the source now but have a problem to 
compile it. I am compiling on irix5.2 and got the problem he gets in an
endless loop at readline.c

here is the message he gives!
        cc -cckr -O -DREADLINE -DNOCWDRC -DGRASS   
-DCONTACT=\"grassp-list at moon.cecer.army.mil\" 
-I/usr/people/grass/Grass4.1/src/include -DUSE_TERMIO -c readline.c
cfe: Warning 581: readline.c:143: Macro VREPRINT redefined.

and stacks there. I know it has to do with the -DREADLINE option in gnuplot
Makefile. My system does not understand it so i commented it out. But he 
keeps on giving the same even after cleaning the objectfiles and 
rerunning it! May be someone managed to compile it! Any help is welcome!!!



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