grass to MapInfo and vice-versa

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	> Hello,
	> 	Has anybody had any experience of exchanging vecter data between MapInfo
	> and Grass - is there a good way of retaining attribute data?
	> Cheers, Al.

	Afaik there is no code around that does the trick. I spent a few hours 
	trying to make a conversion program, but it's not that easy given 
	MapInfo's vector data structure (any volunteers?). The best way so far is 
	to use DXF layers, but this means you'll have to export each attribute in
	a separate layer. 

	Philip Verhagen

	P.S. Next time you put a message on the list, it might be a good idea to 
	add your full name, affiliation and e-mail adress...


				S t i c h t i n g  R A A P

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		        1018 TV Amsterdam
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	fax:		(31) 20 525 5834
	e-mail:		motte at

I wrote but won't get back to you until
late this week. Please email me directly.

v.out.mapinfo can be done. However, MapInfo makes its projection
line not that easy to be accesses. There's a projection file
come with MapInfo. However, you probably notice that
they're different when included in MIF (MapInfo Interchange Format)
files. I guess it needs to sit down for a while and study them
before writing v.out.mapinfo. The easiest way is probably 
to create a lookup table for all UTM in the US.


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