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Tue Jan 24 14:01:29 EST 1995

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Having followed this thread so far, I would like to express support for 
Malcolm's proposal. Obviously one cannot expect the end user to spend time
and effort to find out where each tool originated and which publication to
refer to, unless such information is made readily available. The only problem
would be how to keep this info up to date - include it in the update
packages? Provide a file on moon with a list of references?

Martijn van Leusen

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  Yes. Contributed programs and files 'published' on the net should be treated
       as well, if not better then hard-copy papers when it comes to citing sources. 
       They are more acessible, often more valuable and are becoming more and more
 A file on the moon would be nice, but even better would be an html page for
      each contributed program, which would provide links to all references
      cited by the author/contributor. It is extra work - but so is every publication.
       Authors can have their page on their local server and those who do not run
        www server would be given space on some existing server. The top of the tree
       would be paper mentioned by Helena, accessible from the grass home page..
 After all, the whole web idea did come from refererences in papers, did it not?
       Peter  (pom at


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