HELP: sites to raster - attributes

Sudhakar Mamillapalli sudhakar at
Wed Jan 25 11:57:38 EST 1995

I think putting a # sign before the category number will do that job. mentions this. I am reproducing it here.

 The number of categories present in the new raster map
      layers will depend on the format of your site list file
      (see sites.format).  You can create a non-binary raster map
      layer representation of your site list by creating the site
      list in the format:
        E|N| #n label
      where E is the Easting, N is the Northing, and #n label is
      the description field.  The description field consists of a
      pound sign # followed by the category value n to be
      associated with the site's cell location, and the category
      label label for n.
      If the user does not include a description field starting
      beside the Easting and Northing on every line in the sites
      list file, a binary raster map layer will be created
      instead.  In the binary raster file, each site will be
      represented as the category value 1. 

Hope this helps.

sudhakar at

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