HELP: sites to raster - attributes (fwd)

Sue Tewalt x6437 stewalt at
Thu Jan 26 09:05:33 EST 1995

> We are using grass4.1 trying to convert sites files to raster files. 
> Using we are able to convert the sites into a raster map displaying
> either a 0 or 1 (1 for a site occuring in that cell).  
> Our sites files contain an attribute which is snow depth.  We want to
> convert the sites file into a raster file, where the raster value is
> the snow depth of the site in that cell (or average of sites in that cell
> if there are more than one).  Basically we can't figure it out.
> We are using with option 7 to create a frequency based raster file,
> but we aren't sure how the categories are determined.  Can we define our
> own categories?  
> As a side note, can d.colors take an input file instead of needing a 
> user to go in for each raster file and manually switch RGB values?  
> Thanks for any help..
> Jay Wright
> Marilyn Hughes
> Rutgers Geography
Once you put the # signs in front of your values, you might want to
consider making an interpolated surface from the values, using something like

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