Water quality/GIS models

Sudhakar Mamillapalli sudhakar at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Jan 26 22:37:27 EST 1995

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Subject: Water quality/GIS models

I see references to answers, and agnps
as well as topmodel - all of these are 
variations of hydrologic modals aimed
at water and sediment flow (agnps does
some other things as well) but I see no 
references to water quality/GIS models 
that deal with pesticide fate.

Are there any? 

Has anyone created some
modules for preexistent models that
model pesticide movement too?

I also heard at one time that someone
was trying to interface CREAMS with 
a GIS.  Are there ant references
to this out there?

thanks in advance.

Keith M Mitchell
University of Illinois
Dept. of Ag Engineering

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We are trying to link GLEAMS with GRASS. A paper was presented in the
ASAE at Atlanta "Use of GIS to run field sacle model for watershed
sized areas". Paper no. 943352 regarding this.
Hope this helps

Purdue University
Dept of Ag Eng

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