Arc/Info Export (polygon maps) to GRASS

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Fri Jan 27 05:01:48 EST 1995

> I'm interested to know if anyone has imported ARC/INFO files , polygon maps 
> I think, without having ARC/INFO . I have a flood damage boundary map and would 
> like to bring it into Grass4.1
> Any suggestions , comments
> Basically I can't 'ungenerate' the ARC file. Does 'ungenerate' put this file 
> into some sort of ascii format ? 

Hi Jeremy,

	Yes, ungenerate produces a number of ASCII files (for vector maps
it would produce a file with coordinates and one with label points). Since
you do not have Arc, your only hope is to have some other package available
that DOES read binary Arc vector maps, though I haven't heard of one. Perhaps
you can ftp the file to some friendly ArcInfo owner for ungeneration....


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