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Hello everyone,

We are planning to use Grass here in France for an Environmental project which includes flood forecasting using rainfall previsions and real time rain gage dataand river water level acquisition.

A watershed analysis must be performed first with DEM or TIN data.
We plan to use the r.watershed function to do that.
My first question is :
Does anyone knows if there is an easy way to obtain watershed basin contours using Grass from DEM as r.watershed does seem to do it.

My second question is :

We found in the incomings two packages that look interesting for our purpose :

The First one from B Vieux and N. Gaur is 
which models overland and channel flow in a watershed in an interactive way.
This package is well documented and we could get source code so as to be able to compile it.
So we would like to hear about some people who tried this software tool before us to get their overall impressions on it.
Does someone may tell us whether it is possible to have the model run non interactively?

The second one is 
r.hydro.CASC2D  from B. Saghafian and F. L. Odgen.

We did not found any source code for this one, just binaries and a short MAN note.
Can anyone give us some hints on where to get the source code or get in touch with the authors?

Thank you in advance 

  J M Roques   Earth Observation Division - Cisi- Toulouse France

  e mail :       scarab at

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